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Settlement Journeys Toward Good Jobs: Short-Term Changes in Outcomes and Program Impacts


This interim report provides an analysis of the short-term changes in outcomes and the impacts of the Career Pathways for Racialized Newcomer Women pilot, both on average and for women with different characteristics and experiences. Data from 1,162 participants collected between October 2019, the beginning of pilot programming, and November 30, 2021, is used in the analysis.

In order to investigate how well the program worked and for whom, we first explore the average changes in outcomes between the baseline (pre-intervention) and 3-8 months later. However, a simple comparison of participants’ outcomes after the program with the value of those same outcomes before the program does not identify the impacts of the program.

For example, some program participants may achieve the same improvement in outcomes over this period of time even without the program. This is especially true for program participants in the CPRNW pilot as, had they not accessed the pilot programs, they may have accessed other, in some cases similar, job search programs offered by the same service provider organization or by other organizations.

In order to measure the difference the pilot programs are making, where feasible, a randomized controlled trial was implemented. Impacts of the program for these interventions are estimated by comparing average differences in outcomes at the time of the follow-up surveys between the randomly assigned program group, who had access to the pilot programming, and the randomly assigned comparison group, who did not have access to the pilot programming.

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